Who is Animal Welfare Investigations Project?

The Animal Welfare Investigations Project, commonly known as AWIP, is a non-profit organisation established in November 2021.

Since then, AWIP has worked to investigate organised animal cruelty and bring those responsible to justice.

Is Animal Welfare Investigations Project legitimate?

Yes. The Animal Welfare Investigations Project is a legitimate nonprofit organisation registered in England with the company number 13760374.

What does the Animal Welfare Investigations Project actually do?

We take a proactive approach to investigating organised animal cruelty. We have worked in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States of America, Philippines, Poland, and other Eastern European nations.

Our team investigates dog fighting networks to identify participants and bring those responsible to justice.

Our team is increasingly investigating badger persecution, badger baiting, fox hunting, and bird trapping.

Our team has years of experience investigating the illegal puppy trade with a high conviction rate in the criminal courts.

We are campaigning for the establishment of an Animal Offenders Register.

Our team tracks animal cruelty cases worldwide and advocates for the strongest possible sentence.

Our Intelligence Unit is the backbone of our work. The Unit collects, collates, and analyses information on organised animal cruelty. We use this analysis to create intelligence assessments for our own investigations and to inform our campaigning. The Unit shares this information with our field associates and contractors who operate directly in the field, gathering valuable intelligence and carrying out lifesaving rescue operations.

“It is not enough to just be reactive. We need to be proactive in our approach to identifying organised animal cruelty and bringing those responsible to justice.”

– Animal Welfare Investigations Project Intelligence Officer

Has the Project been effective in achieving outcomes for animals?

Yes. Over 85% of our budget is allocated directly to our frontline programmes.

We have shared intelligence with statutory agencies and other animal welfare organisations that have resulted in convictions. We have worked alongside law enforcement agencies and prosecutorial organisations in several countries, resulting in arrests and rescuing animals.

We are here to stay – protecting animals and ensuring those who abuse them are held accountable.

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