Deliberate Animal Cruelty

Our priority is rescuing animal victims of deliberate cruelty. Our specially trained investigators prioritise the animals most in need.

Across England and Wales, we investigate deliberate animal cruelty.

What do we mean by deliberate animal cruelty?

Deliberate animal cruelty refers to the intentional infliction of harm or suffering upon an animal by a human. This can include actions such as physical abuse, torture, or consistently exposing the animal to stressful or harmful situations.

The key aspect of deliberate animal cruelty is that it is purposeful and not accidental, indicating a clear intent to cause distress, pain, or injury to the animal.

In line with the Sentencing Guidelines on animal cruelty, we consider that deliberate animal cruelty also includes failing to seek veterinary treatment.

Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we are unable to investigate animal neglect e.g. kept in a small cage all day, being left outside, etc. 

How to report deliberate animal cruelty

You can report deliberate animal cruelty through our secure, online reporting form.