About animal welfare investigations project

We investigate organised animal cruelty

We are an animal welfare organisation. We investigate organised animal cruelty and rescue animals.

Jacob Lloyd holding a puppy rescued from the dog meat trade

What we investigate

Investigating organised animal crime since 2021

Founded in 2021, we identify organised criminals who abuse animals and help bring them to justice.

Animal Fighting

Animal fighting, including dog fighting, cockfighting, and badger baiting have been outlawed for many years.

Despite our best efforts, it still carries on. Our team investigates dog fighting networks to identify participants and bring those responsible to justice.

Wildlife Crime

Crimes against badgers, foxes, and other wildlife have been increasing in recent years.

There is a growing problem and our team is increasingly investigating badger persecution, badger baiting, fox hunting, and bird trapping.

Illegal Puppy Trade

The organised, large-scale illegal puppy trade is flourishing across the globe.

Our team has years of experience in investigating the illegal puppy trade with a high conviction rate.

Our Team

Our dedicated team

We are a small team, but we punch above our weight. We have an experienced group of investigators who go above and beyond in seeking justice for all animals.

Jacob Lloyd

Jacob Lloyd

Executive Director and Head of Investigations

Jacob Lloyd is the Executive Director and Head of Investigations at the Animal Welfare Investigations Project. Jacob is a Certified Animal Cruelty Investigator through the University of Missouri Law Enforcement Training Institute (LETI) in the United States.

In his spare time, Jacob enjoys spending time in the countryside with his horses or dogs.

Serena James

Serena James

Investigations Officer

Serena James is an Investigations Officer at the Animal Welfare Investigations Project, focusing on deliberate and organised animal cruelty in the United Kingdom.

In her spare time, Serena enjoys walking and exploring the outdoors, and spending time with her cats and rescued rabbit.


Amy Chedzoy

Operations Support Officer

Amy Chedzoy is an Operations Support Officer at the Animal Welfare Investigations Project, focusing on deliberate and organised animal cruelty.

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What are our supporters are saying

We value an open and transparent relationship with our supporters. We strive to be open about failures as well as successes. We are currently rated 4.9 stars on Trustpilot, having achieved one of the highest ratings in the nonprofit community.

I find these people totally trustworthy, I respect them enormously. When they have cases of animal abuse they inform us about what there planning on doing. These people go the extra mile to help animals that they find in such terrible conditions

Deborah M.


The people who work for Animal Welfare Investigations Project work hard to get information to the public about the animals they protect. They work tirelessly in order to do so.



Without these people working relentlessly for animal welfare, the world would be a darker place. Thank you for always updating your members with the latest activities, outcomes and letting us know how we can get involved. A bigger thank you, of course, for your continued efforts for animals everywhere.

Julie C.